10 reasons why everyone should buy a portable power bank

Written by Angelo Smith

Our mobile phones carry more information about us than we know about ourselves. From our contacts to messages and e-mails, losing a mobile phone in today’s world could mean losing a part of your identity. Everything happens at the tip of our finger on our mobile. We need these smartphones at every step of the day. We can forget wearing pants to the office but cannot forgetto carry our mobile. That is the power mobiles have over us today. A person cannot function normally without his phone. Thus, when we see the red coloured low-battery sign flashing, we panic. But technology has so developed that there are portable power banks today. These are small charger-like devices which can be used to charge our mobiles in case of an emergency.

 Here’s why everyone should own a power bank

  1. Mind at ease

“The number you are calling is currently switched off” is probably the greatest issue for the 21st century. It immediately gives you anxiety as you know that the caller- be it your spouse, your parents, friends, etc. – would be worried. Not knowing where their children are is the worst thing that could happen to parents. Thus, a switched off mobile phone calls for immediate tension and trouble eventually.

  1. High School/ College

In this age of e-books and e-mails, mobile phones are as important to students as they are to office-goers. Plus, it is far more difficult for a student to find a plug point to use his charger to charge his phone. This makes a power bank an absolute necessity in a student’s life.

  1. Business & Office

All your e-mails, important contact details, appointments, etc. are stored in the small box you love so dearly and call your phone. It is almost impossible to survive in a business environment without a phone.

  1. Memories

This may not be as important as receiving calls and emails, but it has its own place on the list of priorities. Capturing memories is vital. It is the only way we can look back on the happiest moments of life. It is the only way to seize the time. This generation is all about photos, videos, and SELFIES.

  1. While travelling

Be it commuting to and fro your house to the place of your work, or a trip or tour, being in a no connectivity zone is worrisome. Staying connected to our friends and family is significant especially while you’re away.

  1. Gaming

Everybody gets bored, and everybody needs to pass the time. While our smartphones don’t leave much part of our day free, some people love playing games. For such people, power banks are very important as games suck the battery out of the phone within minutes.

  1. Easy accessibility

A power bank ensures charging in any part of the world at any time. In the case of emergencies, it comes very handy.

  1. Busy

When you are busy and forgot to charge your phone, the only thing that can rescue you is a power bank.

  1. Vaping

A power bank can also charge other devices like vapers. Those who are trying to quit smoking and use vaping as a mechanism should keep one power bank with them at all times.

  1. Music

Music is like oxygen to the new generations and in order to stay close to your music 24*7, you need a charged device. Hence, there is a dire need for a power bank.

Thus, the need for a portable charger is proved. These portable power banks can be purchased from various places including online shopping. They are not very expensive and utterly useful.

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