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Written by Angelo Smith

The Apple iPhone is easily one of the most iconic products to have been released in the past decade or so. The company took the world by storm when it announced the mobile phone back in 2007. Each year, journalists would flock to the company’s venue whenever they were given invites for the release of the new iPhone. The month of September has become quite historic in the past few years, simply because that’s the month Apple releases the new iPhone. Each year, the company adds something new to their phones.

Previously, you could charge an iPhone directly using any micro USB cable. However, that changed with the release of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 used a specific Lightning adapter that was designed to charge the device faster than your ordinary micro USB cable. Moreover, it was much easier to manage as well, since you didn’t have to worry about inserting the cable from the top or the bottom. While it’s easy to see that this was Apple’s attempt to make their ecosystem more exclusive, the Lightning adapter certainly had its criticisms. People claimed that the cable supplied out of the box was quite small, making it difficult for them to use their phones while charging.

Secondary Options

If you are not satisfied with the size of the cable supplied by Apple, you can also use your own. There are plenty of companies that have begun to offer different sizes of cables for you to choose from. Even though Apple does sell the iPhone cable itself, most of their variants are generally quite small in size. If you want a lengthier cable, you will probably have to purchase it from another company that makes Apple accessories.

Fortunately, that isn’t a problem. Due to the popularity of Apple products, there are practically hundreds of companies that currently manufacture and sell Apple cables. You can purchase larger Lightning cables for your iPhone, along with a host of other accessories. Many companies that currently sell cables for the iPhone also provide a host of other accessories, such as covers, protectors, and much more. The cables can extend up to 1-2m, which gives you the freedom to use the phone while it’s charging.


In the past, Apple has been criticized for making cables that are too weak and can easily break. Therefore, if you are an avid iPhone user, it would be wise to purchase a few extra cables in case your original one stops working. The Lightning adapter is quite delicate, so you must use it carefully.

It’s Quite Affordable

Accessories for the iPhone are so commonly available that many companies have had to reduce their prices just to stay competitive. You can easily get your hands on a decent cable for less than $10 online. The company will handle the shipping and everything so all you have to do is receive the package when it’s delivered to your place. You can also order in bulk to save more money.

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