Common Computer Issues You Might Encounter

Written by Angelo Smith

The computer has become an incredibly important tool in the modern world. When they were originally developed, computers were designed to encode and decode messages. They were used by operators and certified professionals to send messages that could only be read and deciphered by the computers. However, that was more than fifty years ago. Today, the modern computer is capable of doing all that, and so much more. Most people don’t go anywhere without their computers or laptops; too many, it’s impossible to live without a computer.

A computer utilises a combination of hardware and software programmes in order to run smoothly. The hardware components installed in the computer can only be driven with the help of software programmes. There are plenty of common issues that you might experience with your computer. Most people just take their computers off to a shop that offers computer repairs in Perth. However, you can fix many problems on your own as well. Here are some common issues you should know about.

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Graphical Issues

The graphics card is responsible for displaying everything on the screen. You must install the appropriate driver and the software for the graphic card in order to display the pictures of a specific resolution. However, graphical issues are very common. Does the screen begin to flicker after a while? Does the screen go completely blank for a few seconds, only to come back up? Most importantly, do you notice that that the computer has begun to fail quite frequently? All this indicates a malfunctioning graphics driver. If you are encountering graphical issues, the best option would be to update the driver, or reinstall it. You should visit the Device Manager and click on the graphics card display drivers. The computer will highlight the programme that has begun to malfunction. You can either remove it or try reinstalling the graphics card driver. This will resolve the issue.

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Malfunctioning RAM

The RAM in your computer is responsible for a host of different actions. When you first turn on the computer, the data is booted up through the RAM. RAM stands for random access memory. Rather than load data directly from the hard drive for programmes that are currently running in the background, your computer stores it in the RAM. This allows for fast and responsive actions, thus leading to improved performance.

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However, the RAM is susceptible to plenty of different problems. It is one of the only components that may need to be replaced after every couple of years. If your computer is showing the power light, but isn’t opening (or there’s no display on the screen), then it might indicate a RAM problem. Before you take the computer for a check-up, you should first remove the RAM and clean it with an eraser. The carbon that gets deposited on the RAM might be removed, and it’s likely to start working again!

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