Connecting with New Generation through Stronger Online Presence

Written by Angelo Smith

It’s no hidden secret millennials know their technology. It’s been show over the years that this Generation Y is best known for their likes of music, pop-culture consumption, and liberal mindset, and of course, technology. According to, it is also stated that the millennial generation will comprise the largest online audience and will have more buying power than any other generation that has come before it, including the baby boomers.

So, how do you target and connect with millennial on a technology front? It may sound simple, but it’s not always as such. While some of the obvious factors are just known (social media, cell phones, texting… memes) others are not.

For example, studies show that many millennials do all of their shopping online. This might not seem like such a surprise, but in a world of everything being available in just one click, it’s an area that needs to be addressed. More and more big companies are moving away from their brick and mortar presence to a stronger online presence. PacSun, a popular surf shop targeting younger kids up to millennials accounts more than 60% of their sales to their online stores ( While they still maintain a physical presence, they understand the importance of connecting with this group and doing so via the internet.

Another way to connect with millennials is to let them be heard. Many businesses now have millennials as their spokesperson to connect with the younger generation. If you have a new app or a new tech product targeted at this group, what better way to connect with them than someone who speaks their proverbial language.

In the end, this is a generation built to make an impact, and to fair, they already have. Jump on Youtube, post to Facebook, do whatever you have to do to get their attention, just make sure you have it.

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