Mix Pollination of Auto Technology – Situation Study

The best achievements and innovations of humankind are lent for other sectors as some entrepreneur sees a use for this on the market place. Like a founding father of a think tank which transpires with operate online we’re always searching for brand new applications, concepts the proverbial game-changer. Most frequently we show up empty, every ideas might not be ready for humans in our period, pointless to state, it requires an excellent idea to help make the grade. Let us talk we could?

Not lengthy ago, I had been watching an very short YouTube video which i was quite impressed with and like I stated when managing a think tank, with time, hardly any truly impresses me much any longer. The specific video is “Nokian Tyres & future technology – The earth’s first non-studded winter steering wheel with studs,” and note the spelling of tires, because this innovation didn’t range from U . s . States.

After watching this, I could not help myself and that i left the comment “Absolutely an incredible innovation, a lot needed – brilliant engineering and innovative in tire design.

1. Aircraft

2. Footwear

We’re able to make use of this for Aircraft too. When we had this selection on footwear, you can prevent sliding and falling. It might save numerous injuries, possibly lives too. Please innovators – think about this. And when you are thinking think about this a few days ago, I had been studying articles within the Wall Street Journal about a few of the challenges with aircraft skidding off runways. The piece was entitled “Hey, Let us Just Heat the Runways – Among a Winter of Massive Flight Cancellation, Research Into Warming Airport terminal Tarmac Gains Ground,” printed on Feb 20, 2014.

Studded tires could sure assistance on the ramp and taxi-ways. Obviously, it might munch the top a bit, although not when the tire studs were only deployed during ice conditions. Soon, airport terminal surfaces is going to be paces with carbon nanotube sheets, therefore the studs will not hurt anything, although carbon nanotube sheets also conduct electrical current so they may be heated easily.

How about footwear? Like a former Senior High School and College track star we used spikes, on rubber tracks we did not need them, but on dirt tracks we certainly did. It could have been nice to possess retracting spiked footwear for training and races. What about golf, you can put on your footwear once you were done golfing. Okay so, you now begin to see the reality with regards to borrowing concepts and mix pollinating ideas. I would like you to definitely think about this and employ this tactic to locate new niches for the great innovative light-bulb inspirations.

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